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Foe Clan Structure Final Ownage Elite Presents Foe Quick Links
[ Founder ] Bonesaw Pk, Ilx Ace Ilx [ Leader ] K2P
[ High Council ] Mike (0BR)
[ Warlord ] [ Council ] Parviz
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Walli    686

Was a last minute arrangement but thank you to the few who came to it who were online.

We beat EF 2-1, good job boys.

All those who were there will confirm its different to solo eoc and really enjoyable and fun... even if you dont like solo eoc pking dont assume multi and clanning is just the same.

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Sean``    3

Back to 1 warlord :o.

Gj lads.

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Got A Big Un    0
Got A Big Un

f2p warring is more fun in eoc pepole that quit will flame/w/e without giving it a chance p.s me n walli carries with mage k

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