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Foe Clan Structure Final Ownage Elite Presents Foe Quick Links
[ Founder ] Bonesaw Pk, Ilx Ace Ilx [ Leader ] Danny
[ High Council ] Utc [ Warlord ] Remy [ Council ] Jordai, Pat, Ryan


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    Ty for donation @Belgian ❤️

    Ty for donation @Belgian
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    Holy shit. My mom came into my room to bring me a plate of chicken nuggets and I literally screamed at her and hit the plate of chicken nuggets out of her hand. She started yelling and swearing at me and I slammed the door on her. I'm so distressed right now I don't know what to do. I didn't mean to do that to my mom but I'm literally in shock from this trip tonight. I feel like I'm going to explode. Why the fuck are we always losing to FOE? This can't be happening. I'm having a fucking breakdown. I don't want to believe we'll never actually beat them. I need a future I can believe in. I want my clan to be the best and dethrone FOE. I cannot fucking deal with this right now. It wasn't supposed to be like this, I thought they always slumped in January? This is so fucked.
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    I'm glad to see Danny is still leading Foe and a guy like K2P rose to the top. Thank you for carrying FoE all these years.
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    The champ turns up to inners with ice burst and wins @K2P his first round. The greatest still got it
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    https://gyazo.com/8beec43f2b38030e836c3def40994c5f feel kinda different
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    Take care @Shabba you will be missed.

    Take care @Shabba you will be missed.
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    the flying dujman

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    Rage already slumping and it ain’t even slumping season yet🥶 Can hear man like pabz barking from here
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    remy Today at 6:29 AM yh ur losing if u have money on mcgregor
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    like if u think foe is the best ty

    like if u think foe is the best ty
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    Wavy Bones

    so todays my birthday boys, big 26. 🤘

    so todays my birthday boys, big 26.
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    the flying dujman

    new meta

    new meta
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    Imagine not fighting big scary FOE clan with two washed up Elder* ex-warlords leading hahahahahahahah @Bloody @Rage @Fatality shitters
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    Durial321 was innocent

    Durial321 was innocent
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    Astro: Who the fuck is twxt ? Doopy: Isn't that a music bot? Might need to stop by TS more often lol
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    @Walli @Adhi

    @Walli @Adhi
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    dont remember the last time we lost a return fight.

    dont remember the last time we lost a return fight.
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    Wavy Bones

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    See you all soon motherfuckers

    See you all soon motherfuckers
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    Easy start of the season

    Easy start of the season
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    back from break! cant wait to get 2020 started with all of you this weekend.

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