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some mage/rang only rag setups id recommend for rang tanks and 60/50att zerks/meds on midweeks

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JNI    1059

-one spec, one +1item

-either xeri/moonclan robes

-rune med is 10k item with -3mage, ~22armors. decent compared to 50k nezzy with no negative att and ~30armors

-swappin rune med > xeri hat is +6mage


rang/mage only with diff +1's in welfare setup  (Freezer)



this for obr who so likes hes ballista



60att med if wana bring melee






toxic staff's +25mage bonus for catchin tbs, but then you could only use zammy flames, that require 3 slots for runes alone, so id just leave mage dps to the other ppl and just focus on tb slaving and then ranging


but if you really wana use zammy flames also, id recommend leaving ranging for other and just straight mage with only tank switch to dhides, as u would run low on room for food otherwise


or less mage bonus firesurge tber with rang switch


this for obr who so likes hes ballista



leave n ranging for 25deffers and 75att meds/zerks, who should always have a melee wep +1 (gs/bss/maul/whip), no ballista




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im all inn    8
im all inn

Sick brother nice help ty!

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Bones    479
7 hours ago, Pat said:


@Bones TB slave hope you're paying attention

As much as i appreciate this guide.. this is for low tier pkers like yourself. Top tier players like myself don't stoop this low.

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ceZa    1669

Informative post bro 👍Should be sticked if new ppl/others wonder what to bring during midweeks. 

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