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Cxdy    847

It's an old glitch/bug in discord but as of this month has gotten a bit out of control and some dumbass named Pizzen#2223 has finally brought it to foecord. I don't know exactly how the inner-workings of it goes on but there are several gifs from GFYCAT that will crash your discord after ~3 seconds and will continue to crash upon seeing that gif over and over and over again until either the gif is deleted or the person is blocked. One such gif was posted in #general and I spent half an hour messing with my BD plugins thinking they were the cause. If you don't believe this is a real thing a quick google search will remedy this.


First off, ban this loser from discord:





Secondly, disable gifs from automatically playing for the time being:



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Funky    89
3 hours ago, Rainz said:

jesus christ people are so fucking bored man fr 

Exactly this lmfao

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Colin    368

how can you have that much time on your hands

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Proccy    246
6 hours ago, Swip said:

Thanks Cody. The retard @Proccy just tried to take us down


Edited by Proccy

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