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U.S. Deficit

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Dylan    177

Taking on Intragovernmental debt:

1. Lower spending on unnecessary social programs

2. Eliminate spending on the "war on drugs"

3. Reallocate funds for programs that work and don't work (ties into first point)

4. Begin the process of collecting debt owed to the US from foreign countries and vice versa (clean slate)

5. Figure out wtf to do with the Federal Reserve

6. Rely less on imports and focus more on exports


Since the public holds the majority of debt, interest rates will be lowered.

1. Meet with the FOMC to develop a plan to keep interest rates at an absolute low to stimulate the economy

2. Taxes will be lowered, and as such, will redistribute governmental spending to reverse the deficit

3. ???

4. ???


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Rihana Pm Me    18
Rihana Pm Me

I’d like to see any of those pussies come and collect. 


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Adam    220

The bottom 70% of the country need more money, to grow the economy, hence lower the deficit. If I was in power I would do the following:


1) Capitals gain tax rate of 75% on 500m+ invested, and -2% rate on any cash in their banks.

2) Under 250k/Year - 7% Tax Rate, 250k - 300k/year - 12%, 300k - 500k 17%, 500k+ 33%+

3) 0% Student Loan Rates, with 40 year repayment plans. 

4) 40 Year Mortgages, with 2.5% or less rate.

5) Internet Purchase Tax of .5% of all purchases 

6) $500 Universal Basic Income for all Americans who have lived in the country for 5+ years, are 18 years old, and are not collecting retirement benefits / unemployment.

7) $20 Minimal Wage - If in a trade school, college, or adult education of some sort.

8 Max 2% Property Tax rate on homes that are less than 800k.


Edited by Adam

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Jabby    279

the deficit graph shows exactly what's the problem. look at the election years...stimulating the economy top down vs. bottom up. Both parties have their way respectively but only when the stimulation reaches the masses will the bottom line improve.


doesn't answer the question, but I'm also not the president, secretary of treasury, or chairman of the housel appropriations committee.

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CP24    109
On 3/10/2021 at 9:41 PM, Santana said:

I would simply start another war in a resource rich country and take more $$$ from them


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