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Roommates and Dishes

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Nice Net    1179
Nice Net
On 1/8/2021 at 8:51 PM, Marko said:

@gimpster @Danny @Fatality @Jamz @niggersaywut @bobber @bobber_mulatto @Jackk @Austin @Peterr @Ashley Bear @lol @Parm @Pakistani M8 @Katie @jordaihotsister @Nice Net @Pasco @Fags Pk @Peen @Borzor @Range @LieV2 @Rien @nig nig nig @Niggahut557 @nigger123 @niggerdick @Nigggggggeeeeeeer @niggie @Niggxs @Pixel Pigeon @white gang @White_Rainz @Nate @Luke @Race War @Jew @Jew Lmfao @fuck foe @kfc @KfcPaki @Donald1988 @magaly2987 @Cx Lahey @Black @Deezer @nuts @walli wonka @Fat Geek @Utc @reasufffult @chong wa li @Chink @Renaissance @chongzongzong1972 @chonglingmei1965 @Musl1m @Dog @Safe @Ram1800Shep @Tin Tin @Bag @Eric @Sauce @Milfhunter99 @poopoopoo @Smoke @Grabbin @Ligma Bows @Abdul Jabbar @A A Q @9 11 terrorist @abd-ul-samad @Mohammad @Brian @Allan @Adhi @Adhis elder maul @Jack @Devon @Jordan @JNI @Yentll @Erik @Rordarok @Paul @Fred @fred empire @R3lv @4zs @Basti @Callum @Encre @Ecke @fsoc1ety @Meryn @Pick n mix @Reporting @Real Me @Bots Nuked hello

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Jackk    19
Renaissance    445
Andrew    159
On 1/7/2021 at 8:54 PM, Dylan (Rd) said:

Common courtesy shows that if you use something that is shared, you clean it once you're done.


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Josh|0MEGA    367

At Uni i once threw a housemates four day old bolognese on a plate at his head. I did warn him if he kept leaving dirty dishes I would throw it at him so he couldn't exactly act surprised. Let's just say that was a fun evening.

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