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Roommates and Dishes

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Kaden    25

On new years eve I cheffed up some jalapeno poppers and the only tupperware container that would fit all of em in it was in the sink dirtied by a roommate. I cleaned it to use it and my roommate see's that I've cleaned it and am taking it to the party.  Upon returning that night I left the container soaking in the sink as I had found it. Four days later I get a text asking if I can clean the container I took to the party on nye. Note: I go ahead and clean it cause it just isn't that big of a deal. Came up while talking with the gf tonight and how I thought it was strange. Somehow I'd used the container once and cleaned it twice while the roommate used it once and hadn't cleaned it at all. gf seemed to think I was at fault for being the last to use it so it was my responsibility to clean it. 

what're your thoughts?

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Chain    150

i mean if you used it, you prob shoulda cleaned it


really though, if he could take the time to text that he should have just did it


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Dylan    177

Common courtesy shows that if you use something that is shared, you clean it once you're done.

Edited by Dylan (Rd)

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Go Hard    1155
Go Hard

Honesty works best in these kind of situations. Just dont be the guy to think you dont have to clean for a second time because you already did his chores. If you want him to change you simply have to politely tell him.

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Adam    220

You used it last, so I would of cleaned it.

Edited by Adam

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Marko    2738
lol    913
Safe    1152
Pick n mix    56
Pick n mix

sounds like your gf is sleeping with him on the side. 



but really you should have texted your roommate back asking why HE didnt clean it and left it in the sink.


i hate this type of shit, im the only person in my house who changes the bins, if i dont change them, my roommates will just keep stacking rubbish on top of the bins and they will overflow. lazy slobs. and im the only one working through this pandemic, you'd think with them being at home all day they would do a bit of house work, but no... 

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Rob    270

I usually clean while I cook, except dishes of course. That's probably TBD by the household

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