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When was the last time you logged onto RS3?

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Remortality    307

Like 5 years ago then logged off insta lol

Edited by Remortality

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`SZN    728
2 hours ago, intu said:

last time was one of the name releases when website was down, tried to find lumby didnt know wtf was going on after i got my name i logged out

that just happened to me, legit didnt know where I was so I home tele'd to varrock of all places l0l

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neptune    32

I logged in once to swap but before that it was around 2000 days... hopefully 2000 more 

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Kazzi    6

my account didnt work so trash. I dont like it at all 

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9898    2

I wish they didn't fuck up legacy combat, pre eoc days were the golden age. I use to be a turmoil pure shit was legit

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