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Chip Dump

15 Mage Arena 2 capes an hour (for new builds)

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Chip Dump    83
Chip Dump

Guide on how you can get 12-25 capes an hour from Mage Arena 2. 


This guide won't go into boss mechanics but will explain how to get a new account setup so that you can farm capes quick AF.


God spawns reset every 24-48 hours, up until the time you have cashed in three cape items.


IMPORTANT: You must find the three spawns you want on a single day. Do not cash in one to two items and expect these spawns to be set. Don't even kill one until you're sure all three spawns are what you want; if you kill one one day and wait a day, the spawn for the one you killed will have changed but you won't be able to check where to (since the option to spawn that boss will now be removed). Unfortunately, all spawns change regardless of whether you've cashed in 1-2 items. It's only when you cash in all 3 that the spawns are fixed. You must find 2-3 good spawns and complete Mage Arena 2 that day, before they next reset.


For that reason, setting up a 2 cape run, rather than 3, will take a lot less time to set up - likely no more than a few days at most. On both my accounts, I found good 2-cape runs on my first day of checking.


3 capes is possible but may take as much as a few minutes every day for two weeks or more.


This'll therefore only work for new accounts! Choose a path, or two, go these locs each day on your new account and check if a boss is there, etc.


Note: there is a 4th path available, out west of GDZ and then run to Mage Bank (difficult to set up but if you have the spawns go for it!)




-75 attack accounts should try to set up a path for 2 capes a trip. 

75 attack accounts can go for three. 




3 boss: Tele GDZ, kill A1; new gate, kill A2; Rogue's for A3. Exit via 50 port (with wildy hards) or run mage bank. Glory to edge, go lever, go mage bank. Cash in. Repeat.

Pros: Best route for peeps with Wildy hards. Possible to run to mage bank, rather than tele edge.


3 boss: Tele GDZ: kills A1, A4, A5. Bring anti for poisonous spiders. Avoid Callisto occasionally east of A4.

Pros: Doesn't require Wildy hards.


2 boss: Tele rev cave, or 35 port (req: Wildy hard). Run east kill B1. Drag south as you kill. Kill B2, tele out four levels below, east of chins. 

Pros: Lower level wildy and normally possible to avoid all pkers by running above chins. Quick exit and no requirements at all when using rev teleports - possible for new accounts without ancients.


2 boss: Tele GDZ. Kill either A1-A4; A1-A5; or A4-A5. Tele out above boneyard with glory to edge and run mage bank. Bring anti for spiders and avoid Callisto at A4.

Pros: Fewest pkers of all routes. No Wildy hards required.


If 75 attack, use the upgraded staves for each. Enables you to autocast and 15% damage bonuses, as follows: 




75 attack:


Those doing 3-boss paths should use occult and bring 3 staves (25%+). Those doing 2-boss paths should bring tormented brace also (30%+). 


60 attack: 


+1s are: two regular staves, occult and brace (15%).


Recommended gear setup (75 attack use upgraded staves in place of the regular ones) for 2-boss path:


EDIT: Bring 1 locator orb - "enchanted symbol".




EDIT: Bring 1 locator orb - "enchanted symbol".


Use a wildy sword to 100% slash webs. They become tilting after a while otherwise and slow you down. 


The bosses have no mage def so prioritise gear for: 


1) Mage damage bonus (25/30+%) (to hit up to 39, with charge)

2) Mage defence bonus

3) Pray bonus


Once you cash in items for capes at Mage Bank, rinse and repeat (best through POH).  Typical 2-cape run is about 5.30 minutes using B1/B2. With concentration, even at 60 attack, you can get upwards of 20 cape an hour. 


Smash like ?



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Caves    27

Yoooo nice fuckin guide man!!! i need 2 do this MM2 minigame, i need 2 get on that shit and get a stack up on capes uno

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