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Advanced Chamber of Xeric Guide!

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Advanced Chamber OF Xeric guide 


How to get to the Chambers of Xeric.


Draynor Village teleport -> Walk to Veos (Close to Entrana boat) -> Take the boat to Lands end -> Open minimap



U have 1/10 chance to get an ancient tablet



Use the Ancient Tablet on a Xeric Talisman (10% shayzien favour and kill lizardsmans to get the Xerics Talisman)

U can now teleport to Xeric's Honour (Chamber of Xeric)


I won't explain the Bosses inside the Chamber of Xeric. It's way too easy just do a couple of raids and you'll get the hang of it.


If u want to know what to do at certain bosses PM me on Teamspeak.


Olm's Chamber: Where to Stand
Using Shift + Right Click on Runelite will allow you to mark tiles. (Very useful!)
Primary Attacks: You will be switching your prayers the ENTIRE Olm fight as he changes the attack he uses. (Using game sounds will help you distinguish as well if and when he changes his attack styles.)

Orb Attacks: Pray Correctly to Avoid Damage



Olm will always attack in a specific order: Spikes/Crystals then Lightning then Pairing/Teleports. 
If the Melee hand is crippled or healing, Olm will not use these attacks. The attacks resume when healing ends or the hand is uncrippled.



Spikes/Crystals: They pop up and you must move 1 tile off of them to avoid taking damage.



Lightning: Can come from the left or the right, move straight across. Simply avoid their path. Being hit by lighning damages you and also takes out your overhead prayers.





If your raiding party has even numbers everybody will be paired, if you have an odd number 1 person will always be left out (except for solos).
You want to match the person with your color circle.

1. Mage hand always runs to meet their partner.
2. Melee hand always goes to thumb of the melee hand.

To avoid confusion while learning its easiest for everybody to meet at the thumb of the melee hand.

If you happen to have poison/be burning/or have crystals falling on your head you want to get as close to your partner as possible without damaging them. The closer you are to your partner the less damage you both will take.




There are 3 hand phases for Olm followed by the head phase. (If there are more than 8 people, there is an additional hand phase.)
Phase 1 & 2: Kill the hands, the timing of their death does not matter.
Phase 3: The two hands must die quickly one right after the other. If you do not kill the 2nd hand fast enough, the hand that was killed will respawn at full health.
Head Phase: Range only phase.
Each phase will either be acid, fire or crystal phase. This just determines the special attacks he Olm will use  for that phase.
Acid phase

Olm will target one member and they will leave a trail of poison as they walk. Turn off run, and walk the attack off to avoid extra damage. Avoid tracking poison across the room where other party members may walk


He will also throw out random poison splotches on the ground.


Flame Phase

Olm will at times shoot out a wall of fire. At least one person should bring water strike into the raid. Left clicking the flames will create an opening allowing trapped players to escape. If nobody has waters, drink some xerics aid to tank the damage. Important not to panic.


He also will hurl a green  blob and you will say "burn with me!".
Walking on a tile with someone else as the "burn with me" message pops up will burn them as well




Crystal Phase

During this phase Olm will throw 2 crystal bombs out into the room. After a few seconds they will explode, avoid being close to them to avoid taking high damage.




During crystal phase Olm may also target one member of the party for falling crystals (the red ring under your feet). Turn off your run and walk to avoid damage. Unlike the poison attack you can walk between the same few tiles




Between Hand Phases and Finale Head Phase

After killing both hands there is a small break in which crystals will fall from the ceiling. You will see where they will land by the shadows on the ground. Simply avoid as best as possible and get in position for the next phase on the OPPOSITE side of the room. No prayers are required.

During the head phase the crystals will fall continuously. Picking a few tiles to walk back and forth on helps.


3rd Hand Phase/Final Hand Phase


An infinity sign will appear on the melee hand after Teleports/Pairing. This indicates the hand is healing. 

Don't attack this hand while it is healing or it will heal for your hit. 

As soon as the hand finishes healing it will resume with Spikes/Crystals.

(Following teleports/pairing, if all members run to the mage hand it is possible to skip the healing phase.)



Head Phase

You will no longer see Crystals/Lightning/Pairing, but you will see special attacks prior hand phase.
During the Head Phase Olm can spawn 2 healing pools.  Standing on the two pools stops him from healing.



Before you start Olm, you'll create the supplies you need.

The four jobs at Olm Prep:
          1. Gathering secondaries
     2. Filling vials
  3. Farming
         4. Making Potions
Gathering Secondaries



Drop excess food and potions by your bank chest in the final farming room or bank any extra gear. Take a stam and restore for getting around and praying while you gather secondaries. (It is not recommended to drop anything of value  on the floor  as it will disappear with DCs/etc.)

1. Cicely (3 x # of players in the party)
2. Stinkhorn Mushrooms (6+ x # of players in the party)
3. Endarkened Juice (10+ x # of players in the party)

There is nothing wrong with collecting extra supplies while learning, it just takes a little extra time. These amounts are approximate, you'll adjust them when you know what you need.

Mallignum Root Planks

30 Con = 2 planks (total) = Small Chest 
60 Con = 4 Planks (total) = Medium Chest
90 Con = 6 planks (total) = Large Chest

If you have the con level and space to make a larger bank chest, its a few extra points.

Filling Vials

To make your potions find the gourd tree in the farming room and righ click "pick lots". 

Run them to the geyser and use one to begin filling them with water.

Deposit  into the shared bank space.


Getting Seeds: Shamans, Mystics and Guardians all drop seeds. (Or raking a weed patch.)

Golpar  -  27 Farm
Buchu   -  39 Farm
Noxifer -  55 Farm


The higher the players farming the more herbs they will pick from a patch. (Tools located in farming room: dibbler and spade required.)

1 Noxifer and 3 Golpar per Party Member

Clear patch and replant when you have correct amounts

Buchu are the primary herb that you will need a lot of. They are used for every potion excluding the overloads.
Making Potions



    78 Herblore: 
    Xeric's Aids 
    Prayer Enhance Potions
90 Herblore:
Per player: 1 Overload, 1 Prayer Enhance, 3-5 Revits and 10+ Xeric's Aids . (This will likely give you extra Xeric's Aids.)

Raids scouting
Most of the posts and photos are coming from We Do Raids. They put a lot of time and effort into their resources and deserve a lot of credit for it.



Most 3rd Party clients such as OSbuddy and Runelite have tools to scout a raid for you. Scouting is used to find a desirable raid.

There are 4 different possible rotations each time you enter a raid.
Each wheel shows 2 rotations: 1 rotation is clockwise, the other is anticlockwise.
If you can see the first boss in a raid, you can pinpoint where on the wheels your raid is starting, and from there you need to pinpoint which wheel it is, and which direction it is going, based on the other bosses you can see on the map and the order in which they fit these rotations.



The rooms may vary a little based on orientation, but this gives you a basic idea what they look like.

Raids Bosses: Vasa, Tekton, Vanguards, Vespula, Shamans, Mystics, Mutadile, Guardians (Minimum 3 bosses in a Raid) + Olm

Puzzle Rooms: Ice Demon, Thieving, Tightrope, Crabs (Usually 2+ in a raid)


Avoid Tekton, Vanguards and Vespula in the beginning. If u get the hang of it u can start doing these.
Minimum/Basic Setup


Upgrade rcbow - dcbow-armadyl crossbow - dragon hunter crossbow - Twisted bow
Bandos godsword - Dragon Warhammer
Rune pickaxe - Dragon pickaxe


BIS Gear for 60 Attack



If 75 attack use Blessed Saradomin sword - rapier - bludgeon -scythe
Trident - Sanguinesti staff
This is the gear you want to get!


Upgrading spec weapons, jewelry, etc is always beneficial.
Recommended Stats: 
78+ Herblore (to help make Xerics Aids and Revits)
 90 Herblore necessary for the best Overloads (recommended 1 person has it).
 55+ Farming (to harvest all herbs)
           30+ Construction (to make the small bank chest)
60 Con for the medium chest is more than sufficient.

(Most will say 85 or 90+ in your stats. It CAN be done with less with a good team.)
             80+ Range (Chambers of Xeric uses a LOT of range.)
             75+ Magic (For a Trident of the Seas/Swamp)

Obviously, the higher your combat stats are the better because you'll have better dps.

Shoutout to every other guide 


Thank me later Eagles





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Trip Ender    20
Trip Ender

Nice man, lets get more pures to raids1!

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Hope    299
1 hour ago, K2P said:

nice guide, thanks!


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Bryce    51

Sick guide hopefully gets some more boys interested in running. I’m happy to help run learner raids for foe members as well. Another good place to get help is the “we do raids” discord where it shows an ohm guide as well.

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McChoobly    0

Even though it's for a pure, I'm trying to get into raids on my main, thanks for the little tips 🙂

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S o s a    6
S o s a

very nice guide I hope to do raids one day

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ceZa    991
On 5/8/2019 at 12:26 PM, Ready Ok Ko said:

nice guide i might learn to do raids soon

same tbh cba'ed til now, but kind off wanna try it out one day 

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