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New Donation updates!

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Kris    775



First of all, a huge shoutout to everyone who has ever donated something, small or large, it has helped the clan so much! Without you guys, we would not be, where we are right now. Big thanks to all of you!


1) Forum donation awards


To start of we have updated our outdated icons of our forum donations to a new and refreshed style, we hope you like it! Besides that we have also added 2 new tiers to this group


donatesapphire.png.92995dee71fbe5dbe5fb417c3f064132.png:  $10 in total


donateemerald.png.7eb63123efdae0fd98fa077651e3b35c.png:  $25 in total


donateruby.png.557302ceb0dd8f70736dde563dd03c37.png:  $50 in total


donatediamond.png.ba0958ea197d0384deb901eee7182108.png:  $100 in total


donatedragonstone.png.bc593da273e2c42ab2aa77c1f49219b4.png: $250 in total


donateonyx.png.535d417a42aa2e412a14e652db4b6d9b.png: $500 in total


donatezenyte.png.0e5056161f20e10cccef95c86edf1105.png: $1000 in total (gratz @Justin <3)


2) RSGP donation awards


Members have been asking to add more tiers to our RSGP donation awards and hereby we present you the following tiers with updated icons as well


purplepartyhat.png.db1175fbc1967aab4bf999d8ea2ec27c.png: 10m in total


yellowpartyhat.png.a7cf0510f477760912dfc4c9045256f5.png: 25m in total


greenpartyhat.png.421981e4f8b7dbe6c7c2f0ae7bee9417.png: 50m in total


redpartyhat.png.90364885a6f73199d2a20f35d68b7e11.png: 100m in total


whitepartyhat.png.5a970ea8cf045b06316db724a1c4b138.png: 250m in total


bluepartyhat.png.fb66450c8c4a2fed84365f89966c826f.png: 500m in total


Thanks @Freecandy for the partyhat suggestion!


Some members have already donated more than 50m (old highest tier) to us before we upgraded these tiers, so reach out to me or a leader with the amount and we will give you the appropriate award.


To donate RSGP you can trade with a HC+. It's advised you also take a screenshot of the trade for easy tracking/proof.


3) Specials 


Next to our existing glow on forums we will also be adding a new special: Sparkles. This will only be for a select few, people who have donated a very generous amount and will be forever remembered and thanked. This will be automatically applied to your name when you have reached a total of $250


We hope you like it and congratulations to everyone awarded and again a big thank you to everyone who has supported us!



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Kris    775
3 minutes ago, Sica said:

Still awaitng on mine, brother. 

Given now, was on holiday when you did your second donation so missed it, my bad.

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