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Open Challenge To The Pure Community

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Adhi    1567

An open challenge to all pure clans, I challenge any pure clan to step up and challenge us to a fullout. The prize will be 2 Billion Gp for any clan that can take a single round off us in a best out of 3 fullout. Whether it's f2p or p2p we don’t care, it's up to you. Are either Fi, Apex, Sup, or Ir up for the challenge? This offer is even open to fucking Eop but I highly doubt they would take us up on it? I am not even asking for you to win the Fullout just take 1 round off us and the money is yours.


With that being said let me put it in perspective for some of you clans.

What can you do with 2 Bill?


1.       Give $ To every member that attends the Fullout. 100 Pull= 20Mil Each Member.

2.       Have leak money for about 66 Weeks, at 30Million Gp Weekly.

3.       For Leaders that are shady, pocket about $1,600 for yourself?

4.       Fix up your shitty forums that you have?

5.       Get a better teamspeak server?

6.       Get some decent Gfx?

7.       Do Competitions for your members to motivate them?

There is so much to do with a free 2b! Don’t be afraid, it's only 1 round, every clan can get lucky atleast once. Trust me.




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Motif    76

Someone had a good day stealing all the kids toys at the sandpit.

Edit: Also Accepting Donations

Edited by Motif

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Marko    2421
1 minute ago, Allan said:

lmao bro give me the 2b no clan will accept they have 0 chance of winning and 100% of getting smoked

shut up allan

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