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[P2P Fullout] Final Ownage Elite vs Apex | Legends of P2P ~ Greatest P2P Clan of All Time

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Sunday, 25th March, 2018: Final Ownage Elite masses up ~115 Elites for a 100v100 P2P Fullout against Apex. At the beginning of February Apex mustered up the courage to declare on us and challenge us to this war. We happily accepted ready to defend the part of our legacy that was being threatened. After weeks of preparation and practice the day finally arrived and we were all focused and confident, ready to prove to everyone we are the Legends of P2P and ready to fight in the biggest war in the past 2 Years. Ready to prove that we don't lose Fullouts.


We performed brilliantly and took the 3-0 victory. From the point we entered the portal we never looked back and set out to obliterate Apex off the map. Respect to all the elites who showed up today and fought along side each other for Foe. Remember that Foe will always be #1 and be proud of the victory that we earned today.


Forever Legends of P2P.



Round 1 (Attacking) - Classic: Victory 


FOE Starting: 100 - FOE Ending: 51

Apex Starting: 100 - Apex Ending: 0


Round 2 (Defending) - Classic: Victory


FOE Starting: 100 - FOE Ending: 77

Apex Starting: 99 - Apex Ending: 0


Round 3 (PKRI) - Plateau: Victory


FOE Starting: 100 - FOE Ending: 72

Apex Starting: 94 - Apex Ending: 0






















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