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Foe Official Discord

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Kris    1049



Times are changing, with Discord rising in popularity and IRC slowly dying out we have decided to set up an Foe Discord. IRC was once our most active communication tool but we can't neglect that the activity has been dropping drastically over the years. Discord itself is very user friendly and provides easy access for all platforms so we believe this will be a suitable IRC replacement. Like IRC, discord will also be made mandatory for clan members.


You can join our public discord via this link: https://foe-rs.com/discord


Please note that we will not be replacing TS with Discord. TS is still superior for voice communication. 



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Jef|Ohh    8

I was given member on discord but I still can't send any messages to the channel? Also it doesn't show me in the online list when I'm online.

Nice though!


EDIT: nvm i'm an idiot

Edited by Jef|Ohh

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