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[ High Council ] Divine
[ Council ] Rob
slim thugnis
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FOE v LY Mini 2-1 (Round 3 perfected)

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Aqua    129

i swear if i see u camping range when you're getting maged for 30 secs again ima lose it


but yeah, clean POV, good tank & drag, big pp warrior 


also these mfs really managed to DD on ea other in the last round i cba 

Edited by Aqua

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O u 0    9
O u 0

First things first! ABSOLUTELY LOVEEEE THE KBD PET!!! 🥰 but on another note I really enjoyed your video and how you stayed moving around but you were still the perfect amount of aggressive as well. Keep it up bro.

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Foe Icey    5
Foe Icey

Players do not have kbd dragons

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