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Foe Clan Structure Final Ownage Elite Presents Foe Quick Links
[ Founder ] Bonesaw Pk, Ilx Ace Ilx [ Leader ] K2P
[ High Council ] Mike (0BR)
[ Warlord ] [ Council ] Parviz
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Dave (Cha0s)

What are you currently playing?

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T0niss    48

At this moment:

Nr1 - OSRS

Nr2 - LegueOfLegends

Nr3 - Apex Legends

Nr4 - PUBG

Nr5 - CSGO

Feel free to pm me and we can play together ?

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Turmd    241
On 4/11/2019 at 6:36 PM, Denvin said:

Osrs, apex, LoL

minus the league

Edited by Turmd

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toobaked    19

used to play counter strike profesionally in chile made some money but it wasn't good cause of 3rd world country :/. Quit recently and started playing runescape again

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Hull City    4
Hull City

OSRS, CS:GO, Rocket league and Ark survival 


Message for my steam if anyone fancy a playing the above 

Edited by Hull City

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Daniela    456

OSRS and League continuously, currently Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands with rl mates, playing Borderlands 3 next

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USMA    95
On 9/27/2014 at 4:28 AM, Dave (Cha0s) said:

Feel free to update here with what you're currently playing.


It may help you find each other on different games from PC games to PS4 and XBOX One.

Apex Legends, Modern Warfare, OSRS

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I Pk 4 Usa    142
I Pk 4 Usa

OSRS only because i have no life and runescape consumes me.. what is a woman??? what is outside??? i don't know anything but the wilderness you feel me?

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KA25    3

Osrs ,fortnite , cod black ops , and sekiro 

Edited by KA25

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