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Foe Clan Structure Final Ownage Elite Presents Foe Quick Links
[ Founder ] Bonesaw Pk, Ilx Ace Ilx [ Leader ] Adhi
[ High Council ] Divine
[ Council ] Rob
slim thugnis
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Foe vs MM Full out P2P! Foe win 2-0! Ending 70+ both rounds!

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Mizen    0

Beastly spec from Chad and it's good to see lots of familiars at the war lol


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P1nk    2

gj foe

looks like a feast

smells like a feast

so therefore it is a feast

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m4x3d 0ut v3    0
m4x3d 0ut v3

embarrassing for them

this was an ownage event i was their to support foe ofecourse   :p

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Mikey`    0

Imo, i think this war felt pretty easy for most of foe, considering our last full out p2p in clan wars we had to beat fi down 15 people, considering this was about even opts, it was a piece of cake :P

Gf's mm.

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vanish.pk    0

looks like a lot of fun can't wait to contribut help to you guys :D

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Kruck    27

One of my favorite full out wars. Selling AGS XD

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