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30 Eagles SWOOP ON APEX & FS @ GDZ


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Sunday August 28th 2022, 30 Eagles massed up ready for whoever and whatever wanted a piece of us. Funnily enough it was only 3 of us, as we sent everyone else onto a private server. Even funnier, we closed fi on there too. LOL. But forget about those losers, because we still went out on the lords day and did His work. We defended Northwest of GDZ and waited for Apex & FS to rush us. Apex logged in first from the west, so we rushed on top of them and started slayin. Then FS logged in from the east, and this is where shit got really fun. We spent the next 30 minutes going back and forth focusing the two clans in a nonstop action brawl where we were in the middle of it all. After 30 minutes we all decided to call it a day and watch Game of Thrones. Thanks to all the homies who logged in today and the clans that haven't given up.



~ K2P





the keys .png





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