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75-99 Magic Guide N M Z [updated]

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Hull City    3
Hull City

Anyone answer me this? Is this better than bursting Dust devils? I can’t do MM tunnel.

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Chip Dump    37
Chip Dump

Also nowadays wrath runes are virtually the same cost (4m difference) 94 to 99 compared with bloods. If you're doing tome of fire, you might as well use wraths, since you'll use less casts - you'll probably save money that way (wraths + tome v. bloods + tome)


Splashing calc here: https://oldschool.tools/calculators/splashing

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Hull City    3
Hull City

If pages wasn’t so expensive I would invest in doing that.


i have done this without pages and I got 75-87 afk in about 2 weeks casual play on phone 

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